No Sex in the Sky

31 10 2007

Singapore Airlines surprisingly has asked its passengers on the new Airbus A380 plane to not engage in any kind of sexual activities. Although the aircraft has private suites, they are not soundproof. That means, no sex in the “honeymoon suites.”


According to the airline statement:

“All we ask of customers, wherever they are on our aircraft, is to observe standards that don’t cause offense to other customers and crew.”

These private suites for A380 were designed by French yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste. The bed can unfold to a full-size mattress and has linens designed by Givenchy! The first tickets were apparently sold for $15,200 on Ebay!


Ken Burns at Columbia J-School

30 10 2007

Veteran documentary producer Ken Burns spoke to students and guests at Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism about his new documentary entitled “The War.” This classic piece of work is a product of over six years of interviewing, researching and editing.

The War, a 15-hour documentary, is the story of the Second World War told through the experiences of four extraordinary veterans from four different towns in the United States – La Verne, Minnesota; Sacramento, California; Waterbury, Connecticut; and Mobile, Alabama.

David Botti, a friend of mine, interviewed Burns for Newsweek.

Also, watch this extended preview of the documentary:

Cheerleader gets run over

30 10 2007

I know this is not funny. But it is a video worth watching. A high school cheerleader from Auburn, Washington got a bruised jaw after she was run over by a stampede of football players while trying to ambush the pre-game banner. How bad of a timing could it be?

Eagles are back, for now

30 10 2007

Country rock mainstays Eagles have released their new album Long Road Out of Eden. The album, which had been in production for the last six years, has 20 new recordings.

Customer reviews are available on Amazon already although the album was just released today.

Japanese justice minister is “friends with friends” of al-Qaeda

30 10 2007

Japanese Justice Minister Kunio Hatoyama is under heavy fire in his own country for a recent comment he made about knowing a friend who knows an al-Qaeda terrorist involved in the 2002 Bali bombings in Indonesia that killed 202 people, mostly tourists. Hatoyama was speaking at a news conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo.


Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura has already warned Hatoyama before the cabinet meeting.

Seems like Hatoyama tangled himself up by making comments like: “I was given advice not to go close to the center of Bali island because it would be bombed.”

It is not yet known who Hatoyama’s “friend” is. The only suspected al-Qaeda terrorist who is known to have visited Japan on a regular basis is Lionel Dumont, a French Muslim. His office in Niigata was raided three years ago.

Harold Ford Jr. on Democratic Leadership

29 10 2007

I got to learn about Harold Ford Jr. as an undergraduate student in Tennessee, mostly during his race for the Senate in 2006, which he lost to Bob Corker by 3 per cent point margin.

Here is a recent interview that Newsweek did with Ford Jr., during which he talks about the future of democrats and democratic leadership.

Pot is a leaf: Arnold Schwarzenegger

29 10 2007

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that marijuana is not a drug during an interview with British newspaper editor Piers Morgan. Apparently, he was joking.
The governor’s quote: “That is not a drug. It’s a leaf. My drug was pumping iron, trust me.”