Money spent on Iraq war could buy…so many things!

11 11 2007

The United States’ expenditure on Iraq war will hit $611 billion if the Bush administration succeeds in getting its latest request for funding approved. Here is an interesting and creative look at what $611 billion could buy. Ethanol, gas, high schools, high rises, and war on poverty.

One of them: Almost 14 million free rides for a year at Harvard University!





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27 11 2007

Or, how about solar panels on every household rooftop and an electric vehicle in every driveway, with enough left over to provide health care for America’s children, and fix the schools.

21 02 2008

Universal health care. Insurance for every American.

They could restore the SS United States, the Greatest Maritime Acheivment of America, and restore it not once, but 1222 times!!

If we spent that much on alternative fuels, we would all be driving realitivly green (it takes energy to produce hydrogen) Hydrogen cars!!!

Its insane that we spant this much on a war. and even worse, we were directly lied to about the reason for the war, and now they have made up a new reason that it was about terrorism! Thats not what Bush said in 2003!! we went to war over WMD that were a DIRECT threat to the United States, NOT because it was a terrorist haven.

I hate this country some times…

Proud Supporter of the SS United States and Member of the “Save the Classic Liners” team

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