Torture tapes, Waterboarding and more

12 12 2007

This whole deal with torture tapes has led to something so massive that someone is getting into some deep trouble sometime soon – especially after it has come to light that the court had ordered the Bush administration not to destroy any interrogation tapes.


And President Bush is so dumb that he said he knew nothing about it until a few days ago.

Anyways, now that everyone knows the tapes were destroyed, because they certainly contained inhumane torture methods, some people are trying to justify how methods like waterboarding, in case of Abu Zubaydah, brought life-saving information.

Here is an interesting post by Bob Cesca in the Huffington Post on waterboarding and more.




One response

20 12 2007

We have been distracted by history. Missing audio tapes from the watergate years, missing security tapes from surveillence cameras, missing flight recorder tapes from airline accidents. What makes you believe that in 2002 the most advanced Intel agency in the world would be using devices that had “tapes”. If Walmart was selling digital video cameras, would not the CIA have been using encrypted video recording in order to prevent disclosure. Certainly the recordings were transmitted back to Langley where they were decrypted and analyzed and are probably currently stored. The image of a single individual destroying the only copy of an intelligence gathering event is ludicrous. Having one copy in one place in a foreign country violates every commonsense rule of safeguarding important information. You should dig into it in your spare time.

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