Ken Burns at Columbia J-School

30 10 2007

Veteran documentary producer Ken Burns spoke to students and guests at Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism about his new documentary entitled “The War.” This classic piece of work is a product of over six years of interviewing, researching and editing.

The War, a 15-hour documentary, is the story of the Second World War told through the experiences of four extraordinary veterans from four different towns in the United States – La Verne, Minnesota; Sacramento, California; Waterbury, Connecticut; and Mobile, Alabama.

David Botti, a friend of mine, interviewed Burns for Newsweek.

Also, watch this extended preview of the documentary:


Eagles are back, for now

30 10 2007

Country rock mainstays Eagles have released their new album Long Road Out of Eden. The album, which had been in production for the last six years, has 20 new recordings.

Customer reviews are available on Amazon already although the album was just released today.