South Carolina says “No” to Colbert

2 11 2007

Steven Colbert seemed unsurprisingly shocked after his application for a spot on the ballot was refused by South Carolina Democratic Council. The official vote was 13-3. But he is getting his $2,500 check back.

Some members of the executive council thought he was not serious enough. One council member Waring Howe Jr. apparently said, Colbert would appear on the party’s ballot “over my dead body.”

That must be an end to the crunchy crumbly-nacho-cheese-doritos-energy Colbert had until last night. Maybe he has a shot in the next presidential race.

I have to say, he was doing well, especially with his new book, his column in the New York Times and an interview with Tim Russert.


This man is insane, literally

1 11 2007

I was watching CNN Special Investigative Unit’s Noose – An American Nightmare, where reporter Kyra Phillips talked about the history of noose in the United States and how it is re-emerging in some parts of this country.

What really shocked me was an interview with a talk-radio host named Hal Turner, who looked awfully smart, but made some outrageous comments. He said something like noose is a “simple way for white people to say they are tired of black people.” Reportedly, his racist beliefs were born after he lost a congressional election to a latino woman. He thinks people who are not white are from “lower culture” and “lower races.” And his website has a Jena-6 style hangman noose on sale for ten dollars! Are you kidding me?

We talk about so much about racism and people like him live right here among us, in New York, out of all places.

Turkish Friendship Dinner ar Waldorf Astoria

29 09 2007


By Anup Kaphle

The annual Turkish Friendship Dinner attracted everyone from professors to ambassadors to students. The presence of Sen. Hillary Clinton and Turkish prime minister Erdogan definitely drew more people.

Ahmadinejad comes to Columbia!

24 09 2007

The Iranian president was “welcomed” at Columbia University today. Watch pictures from the day.

By Anup Kaphle

Protests start before Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia

23 09 2007

By Anup Kaphle

About 50 people, including local politicians, faculty and students gathered at the university entrance to express their anger and discontent over Columbia University’s decision to invite Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at the World Leaders Forum on Monday.

Click here to see pictures from the day.

Referring to Ahmadinejad as “Madman” and “Hitler-wannabe,” the group also asked New Yorkers to gather at the university to rally against Ahmadinejad on Monday.

“I call on New Yorkers to make the life of Ahmadinejad miserable when he comes here tomorrow,” said Dov Hikind, member of assembly for 48th district. “Let’s give him an experience he will never forget, and maybe never come back again to this great city.” Read the rest of this entry »

Through the lens

28 08 2007

“The” Kid